AGRA Jambi Calls on Denmark Government to Review Their Financial Support to PT. REKI

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1 October 2016
AGRA Jambi calls on Denmark Government to review their financial support to PT. REKI
The Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria (AGRA) in Jambi province in Indonesia condemned recent visit of Denmark Ambassador for Indonesia, Mr. Casper Klynge to PT. REKI, a climate related company in Jambi Province. During his visit, Mr. Klynge signed another financial commitment to PT. REKI worth 40 Billion Rupiah.

AGRA, an Indonesia based member of the Asian Peasant Coalition (APC), stated that this renewal of commitment is hurting local indigenous people of Anak Dalam Tribe who were evicted from their ancestral lands being used as headquarters of PT. REKI.

According to Pauzan Fitrah, coordinator of AGRA Jambi, “this financial support to PT. REKI from Denmark Government, does not only hurt local Indigenous People of Suku Anak Dalam but also betrayed Danish people, because their tax money, is being use to support a company that violates human rights of Indonesian people.”
PT. REKI also known as Harapan Rainforest, claims they are protecting the rainforest in Sumatra. They also claimed they are protecting humanity against climate change effect. AGRA disputed this claim saying that, “PT. REKI does not have a moral mandate to say this because they are doing the opposite. The truth is they forcibly grab Anak Dalam tribe ancestral lands.”

Anak Dalam Tribe Bathin Sembilan or SAD, is an indigenous people in Jambi Province, in Sumatra that exist for generations but were displaced by PT. REKI.
Supposedly, Indonesian constitution and law recognizes the territories of the Indigenous people. However, indigenous people were not able to claim their rightful ownership of their ancestral lands due to bureaucratic processes required by the government.

“Indonesian government should recognize all indigenous people groups in Indonesia including their ancestral lands without so much burden to them with long list of administrative requirements. In fact, Indigenous People are actually the ones nurturing and protecting the forest without any government support. Worse, the government of Indonesia are giving more problem by allowing company to operate in Indigenous Peoples ancestral lands,” remarked Ali, national general secretary of AGRA.

Jupri, Chief of Tribe Anak Dalam Pangkalan Ranjau, said, “we want our lands back. We want to secure our lives and our livelihood for our next generation. We nurture and protect our forest. This land is our life and livelihood.”
“Before REKI came, PT Asia Log, first entered our village and cut all our trees. REKI employed former employees of PT Asia Log, who came to our village again threatening us if we will not leave our lands. REKI employees are saying that they (REKI) want to restore the forest. We are being threatened when in fact this is our ancestral lands,” added Jupri.

We demand the Denmark Government to review their financial support to PT. REKI. The more money they give to REKI, the more human rights violation being faced by Suku Anak Dalam tribe.
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