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BcWebCam 2.1 Clean torrent

BcWebCam simple application that uses your webcam barcode scanning.

If you have a webcam for your PC or laptop, then you can turn your computer into a bar pengimbaskod. This is useful if you have a bunch of items you want to work. One thing to note that need a good webcam that can focus closely enough scanning. 5KPlayer 4.1 64-Bit Torrent

AndabcWebCam Once installed, open and you are greeted with a short tutorial. bcWebCam angengwiriwch your webcam away. If he does not appear, pleasesure the drivers are installed properly.

Utamatetingkap bcWebCam interface is dominated by streaming video. While it can not do much but limited bcWebCam barcode, scan can sit in the background and remove the bar code number into the field teks.Sebagai example, if you want to scan products, running in the background while bcWebCam your cursor to select the search box. The information from the bar code to nodiuniongyrchol into the search box.

On the whole, feels like a solution to ban bcWebCam datacode into the text field.


New: Allowed only one example bcWebCam

Fixed: Crash when webcam is being used by another application

Fixed: recognizes barcodes used in complex image of water as well bcWebCam

a highly aid FAQ

New Feature: Option Webcam Dialog, Clipboard decision, Opt Image Data

Demo mode to PRO1 and Pro2 features integrated

The number of QR codes

English pertamaversigael longer only for the German user interface


BcWebCam 2.1

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