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CCleaner 5.26 Clean torrent

CCleaner is a utility that unwanted files and errors on computers running Windows (including Windows 10) is also removed. With a few clicks of CCleaner allows you to save disk space and make your computer faster and more efficiently.

Many Optimization Kit

cleaningIt is the main funktsieyiz CCleaner. With a quick scan, you can see unwanted Windows files and applications that you instaliraliima and helps you to easily and effectively remove.

As part of CCleaner register devoted to verifying the integrity of the Windows Registry in the system configuration file. CCleanerskaniruetregistry for over a dozen types of errors and allows you to store a backup copy before carrying out repairs.

CCleaner menu instrumentsadarzha more specific tools as quickly uninstaller, a list of programs that run when you start the Windows, and restore point manager.

Classic interface

thatshred files, simply click on the Scan button and let CCleaner to find out how the waste is stored. Another pressing Run And this is your hard diskse immediately clear.

CCleaner scanner can be adaptirovanDlya to find and remove exactly what you want. The process includes the squares, so thatIt can sometimes make a little effort.

Registry Cleaner works in a very similar way, and also shows the types of errors that it finds. This is a fairly technical information, but if something goes wrong suggestions CCleanerVosstanovlenie earlier backup.

Other tools such assimple, but provide little information. Although in reality it has been estimated minimalism – especially compared to the other residents used interfaces.

It depends on situation

The value and impact of CCleaner, zavisitto that your need. For personal zhivotza hold, it’s very powerful, but scanningIt is not the fastest.

Registry cleaning helps only in rare cases and is an operation of limited utility in the latest versions of Windows.

Distance tools are simple, but they work well, they can show hotyachto false information and time obsolete entriestimes, which can be easily removed manually.

vkategoriya this challenge as a cleaner in which it is difficult to find a fair and efficient CCleaner program is characterized by its prostotoyi efficiency.

CCleaner 5.26

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