City Bus Simulator München Demo 1 Windows 7/8/10 torrent

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City Bus Simulator München Demo 1 Clean torrent

The simulator game allows the players to participate in activities they otherwise never fly fighters trying to perform the operation. As the title suggests, City Bus simulator sees Munich players take the role of the bus driver. This continuation of the 2010 City Bus Simulator New York City moves the action in the city of Munich. 100 lines, commonly called the museum line, The main place to play.

Take the road

Pangunahingprzesłankąta game are simple: SelectThey come from three different types of bus, in the car and the city of Munich to and around passengers and passengers on the route. Unlike many games running, no points for speeding and crashing into objects: in fact, that is exactly what you want and if you have a bus full of innocent commuters.

Detailed simulation of the real bus of the line 100 used, saganap provides control over the functions of the bus from the start and stop otwarciemdrzwi, glass and even the depot.Your plan will be strictly controlled, so be careful; They do not want to be sooner or later will pick up the passengers.

Science route

City Bus Simulator Munich pass dozens of Munich’s surrounding areas, including the National Museum, Haus der Kunst and Prinzregentenplatz. As in the bus and control, it is provided in a careful, accurate and realistic szczegóły.warunki atmospheric changes, as well as the forest of colorful umbrellas sprouted in the streets,When it starts to rain.

Electronic pilot bus travelers keep notice and place the information on the display, even if you do not have to use it if you do not feel like it. Please note that the announcements are in German language – are in Munich, finally – although there is an option to add subtitles in English.

Kontrolemoże take some exercise, but after a few attempts you will be able to control every aspect of your bus.There are a few zipperlets with the controls – for example, the steering is in the way some of the displays on the dashboard so you need to enlarge them from Sapana time, which can be a little tricky while driving . In general, however, it is a very realistic simulator, with all the good and bad, which is one of them. Not exactly exciting game Finally, go by bus to the city.

Degree bus driver

Some features of the user interfaceOn the one hand, City Bus Simulator Munich is a detailed and realistic simulation, well, to drive a city bus in Munich. How much you like the game depends largely on how much this concept appeals to you. For maximum enjoyment, you want to play the game controller wheel drive; It is clear how it should be played.


City Bus Simulator München Demo 1

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