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Echo Tokyo: An Intro PROPHET Clean torrent


Title: Echo Tokyo: Introduction

Type: Nudity, Violence, Adventure, Casual, India

Developer: Studio Dharker

Publisher: Studio Dharker

Date of issue 27 January 2016

About the game

Echo Tokyo: Intro to play mini, which acts in the world of Echo Tokyo and its people as an introduction.

These are two graphic novels tell the story about the origin of some of the protagonists of the city.

Currently, the game includes the following stories:

Shizume origin history – interaktywnaPowieśćgraphics

-It has a full sound.

KeijiOriginal story – Kinetic Graphic Novel.

– It has a full sound.

About Echo Tokyo

Echo Tokyo is the last bastion of mankind.

Nuclear fog means that the level of the road is not inhabited.

Now hundreds of years later, he lives Echo Tokyo, building bridges between the towers and platforms, create a new sky in the sky.

It is the world of a city network without state or law and order in which the governments firmyTo whichWatuWao for yourself.

Shizume Misaki – Nature

HistoryThe first novel offers Shizume Misaki, in this fully interactive comic novel, to tell his story when it begins to work like Fixer Echo Tokyo.

It is said that it needs to do every job, provided the price is good. Although much exactly how private detectives work many others who pay rent.

What happens on one of its head kwanzakazi Shizume the miajsceZ the most dangerous slumsvisit.

This information contains more than 5000 words and expressions.

80 and unclosed model might appear in the database.

Keiji Light – Nature

Second graphic novel, Keiji Light, shown in this completely Kinetic novel, we learn about the nature and the attempts to waste Keiji as in the slums. In addition, how was embellished and poor treatment after attempts to kidnap him, where he is now.

HiiHistoria contains more than 5000 words and expressions.

So,Which is an extra 80 unlocked chart that can also be displayed in the database.

Demand system


Operating System: Windows XP

Processor: GHz

Memory: 1 GB of RAM

Graphics: DirectX compatible card

Storage: 450 MB free space

Echo Tokyo: An Intro PROPHET

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