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FaceRig 1.753 Clean torrent

FaceRig Face is a motion detection software that allows you to change your face with weasels, fairy tales, demons or any number of digital characters, while video calls with friends on Skype, Google Hangouts, or other similar programs.

Make chatting more fun than ever

What exactly is your FaceRig asking? Well, it’s a webcam face recognition program and it’s used to detect your face, which then takes out on avatars of choiceYou to recover him. DasAusgabe can be played on Skype, twitch and other similar services.

FaceRig is all in real time when you want to move your avatar with you because you speak and abbasst your voice and gestures. This is not impossible because FaceRig encodes audio and video output from your camera and then acts as a virtual webcam, it sends it to a video conversation.

Place avatars may be giants, animals, wizards and a few charactersLicensed from the game (such as Octodad). ObDu want to make it more realistic, there are human characters!

So FaceRig allows you to chat without a partial name that does not show your real face.

Still in development

FaceRig develops anyway from beta. Sometimes he experiences a slight delay in syncing between you and your images on the screen, and there are many other small bugs.

However, there is clearly a great potential for this program. He promised toBecome a fun tool for those who love to chat with their friends on PC.

Currently, FaceRig is only available through wap and you must have an account to download.

Fun with a face

The potential of FaceRig is clear for all to see, and you will see more potential if you are using a VoIP program or playing video games.

FaceRig 1.753

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