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Fernbus Simulator 2016 Clean torrent

This is the first simulation of the popular German Autobahn bus. Working in close cooperation with FlixBus, the free Fernbus Coach is designed to show in detail the everyday life of the German Autobahn train driver when he moves to more than 40 cities. Using the simulatorFernbus, you can experience the life you live daily, through the large and modern driver of MAN Lions Coach / Bus.

How it works

Near the miles from FlixBusModeling of the German route network and more than 40 cities in Germany. Thus, the individual tour is not too long, the time simulatoris configured to send the size 1:10. You can travel through the complex network of Autobahn at bus stations located in more than 40 cities, while at the same time maintaining a constant connection with your headquarters of buses and buses. Accidents, traffic jams and construction sites will challengeYour call as a bus driver, if you want to save the schedule.


The bus MAN is equipped with all the functions that are in the original cabin, with an external and internal bus, shown with the smallest details. FernbusSimulator offers a realistic environment with genuine passengersand original passengers. The tire in the simulator is tested and optimized by these instructors and drivers of buses.

If you want to travel by train, the Train Simulator 2017 gives you the ability to do this in digital simulations. You can choose from different trainsand routes, warehousing routes in France, Germany, Great Britain and other countries of the world. The goal is to download and disembark passengers, get to the destination on time and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Exit control

The system is mainly usedtrain control in the simulator-simulator 2017. You can take a cabin in the cockpit or use a control overlay that appears under the third-person screen that you see. When you work, you are responsible for maintaining the speed of the train this is correct,but for a long journey you can see the sights and look at the train while you continue to pay attention to the signal. Recent content includes new trains and new routes around the world.

How much do you want the train?

If the idea stimulates interest in your train,2017 Train Simulator is an exciting way to enjoy the experience. However, to get your favorite routes and cars, you need to buy some DLC game packages.

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Fernbus Simulator 2016

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