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Five Nights at Freddys 2 Clean torrent

If you do not die of a heart attack while playing five nights at Freddy, then prepare for a terrible observation that you will return to the worst pitsyznoho joints in the world, on the other hand, as a night watchman. If you think jumping intimidation in the first game is bad izchakayteigraete five nights Freddy 2.

Return to work

As in the first game, five nights in a 2 Freddy believe that three weeks will take on the role of the guardianRestauranti.Ye 7 transitions to pass the whole game (mainly prehodaden), but the demo program can only be played a little overnight.

You rozmischuyetes in control room, in previous version. You should use the security camera to track animatronichnymy creatures and make sure they are not included in your office and do not dare to death. This time there are no doors to keep them the first ugly.

Instead, you should do maskFreddieFazbar, I have to quickly knock out and put, when one of the creatures is closed. Boleshete attacks you because they think you are one of them. You also have a flashlight that lets you see in the hallway to see what can be.

Scary night

A total of 11 characters to keep the deposits uncomfortably sealed office, you feel much weaker Fred’s night Freddy 2. Scroll through the CCTVThe camera is pretty simple, but you need to quickly pull a mask if you want to survive. Because the game is harder than the first five noshtiFredi, and you really need your wits about you if you want to avoid jumping, which, incidentally, makes you scream louder than ever.

In addition to new characters and mechanics masks, five nights at Freddy 2 adds a new feature where you can set 10AnimatronichnyhsimvoliThis allows you to adjust the level of difficulty. The increase of these amounts is maximum for each of these given the opportunity to finish his shift, when your face is still stuck in my head.

Get a need

Graficheskipet night at Freddy 2 did not improve in the first game and style. 3D-graphics are not very complicated, and there’s almost no animation, but well, it’s not really takMateriya fact, so it adds to the beautyCooling game.

One of the things napravihaparvata games are like a terrible sound effects and, fortunately, Freddie’s five nights2 to take advantage of this place. By stirring sounds strange intervention camera hips are designed to set on the edge – and it works. My particularly weak spots are the music, “explosive” that seems to be performing an eternity, the speed of construction and the duration of each cycle.

Play if you dare

EvenAt first glance does not seem like an upgrade from the first version, the gameplay differs significantly from how to make five noshtuvki2 by Freddie play. Be careful, though it is more complicated than his predecessor and you jump scandalous on the floor like a child.

Five Nights at Freddys 2

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