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Google Chrome Beta 55 Clean torrent

Google Chrome (beta) is an experimental version of Chrome that Google uses to test new features before adding it to a stable release.

The biggest addition to the latest Google Chrome (Beta) is the integration of voice recognition for apps. Brovser includes a newveb-speech API that providesdevelopment tools for turning on a voice web application for recognition. There are some security controls like API, because the applications will have permission to record and send sound.

Google Chrome (beta) added some security enhancements, most importantly for extensions. Extensions that explicitlydo not require permissions to be automatically blocked. It’s good to force extension builders to be clearer.

You can check which Chrome is the limit, download and try Google Chrome (beta).


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Google Chrome is Google’s browser. WithWith it you can open web applications and games without any problems and, above all, quickly. This is the main alternative to Firefok and Internet Explorer.

The switch is overflowing

Chrome is a young, fast browser that can search any webpage. It supports all major technologies and standards likewhich are HTML5 and Flash.

With Google Chrome, as well as loading web pages, you can run complex Web applications, such as Angri Birds and Chrome RemoteDesktop, for free.

SaNekt, Chrome is usually designed to be an operating system, an internal system, a window in which you runall your applications. In fact, this is the core of Chrome OS.

Private, synchronized search

When you connect to a Google Account, Chrome can synchronize data and search tabs between multiple devices on your device. This is a convenient option if you use Chrome for Android oriOS.

Incognito mode, a search mode that does not store any file on the hard disk is perfect for privacy: there are no stored cookies and no images left to leave traces.

Fully personalized experience

The unique function of Chrome is its multiusersupport, allowing Chrome to share on one computer – it’s important if you have visitors who want to connect to the Internet or if you have only one computer.

In the end, Google Chromeat can be customized better than extensions and themes. It has thousands of satisfied tastes and needs. You canCreate them for yourself as well.

Revolutionary usability

Google Chrome is very easy to use. Its only tape, Omnibok, allows you to set up web addresses and search on Google. Go to your own writing, Google Chromes the results from your search history,your favorite websites or applications that you’ve already installed.

Suddenly a key point pointing to Chrome’s power is the quick start of the page, where you can access the sites you visit, your favorite web apps, or recent closed cards (on your computer or on other devices thatsynchronize).

Finally, the Google Chrome panel panel is one page where you can immediately find the settings you want to change. It’s better to use than usual screenshots of full tabs that you can find in FireFox and Internet Explorer.

Deleting search data is easy.Go to the advanced Google Chrome menu in Google Chrome and Optionopen. Then click Delete Browser and select the date range and type of information you want.

It comes in a non-archiving mode, activates the Tools menu, or presses Control + Shift + N. you will seehow the window changes its subtle appearance to show that it is now examined without storing data on a computer.

Performance and compatibility

the system’s openness, the Google Chrome V8 engine is at the top of the competition when it comes to comparative speed. This performance improves in eachversion.

Compatible with all web standards such as HTML5 and Flash, Chrome loads PDFs with your browser. You do not have to worry about installing widgets or changing any of the options: Chrome does all this.

Special security issues

When Surfing is, security is huge;Google Chrome monitors viruses so you will not be able to access them and also load separately from each of them, so if the page becomes unstable, it does not cover the browser.

Now, this is best on the market

More and more people use Google Chrome as their primary browser. Attractivedesign, superior speed and customization capabilities make it a strong candidate to take the lead in the browser browser.

The best alternative? Opera and Firefok can only rely on competition.


Google Chrome Beta 55

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