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Moana Waialiki sailing enthusiasts and the only woman chef in a long line of wheel. If the fishermen of the islands to fish and grain, she learned that the demigod Maui humiliation caused by stealing the heart of the goddess Te Whiti. The only way to improve on the island to convince Maui dychwelydgalon Te Whiti, so Moana mounted on an epic journey across the Pacific Ocean. The film is based on a story polineziyskogoMifologiya.

Exactly a week later a young man called life Paterson Paterson, New Jersey arerepresents. He lives regimented and monotonous iawnbywyd, which is usually most apparent by the fact that he can wake up at any time, every day without anxiety. Life includes eating Cheerios for breakfast, to work on foot with his brown bag lunch packed in the bucket eat his wife Laura, chat occasional collaborator hwnDonny before it starts his shift driving the # 23 bus Paterson for local public transport company, who runs the house, where he directs the public mailbox, in the end, curved daytimeto eat dinner with Laura and listen to her to accept the busy day and cymrydbulldog laura English Marvin would plead, it’s a great day to go for a walk in its bar area, where it has one and only one beer Peredonov went home with Marvin. There are changes on a daily basis often …

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Moana 2016.1080p

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