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Mobizen 2.12 Clean torrent

Mobizen for PC is a desktop version of remote services for the management of Android devices, and includes some features that are more advanced than the web version.

Phone, Windows

Like many major Android phone manufacturers insist, and Windows phones are not together. Yes, you bolehfail access and pictures via USB, but that’s about where the application of the Mobizen come, the same system with AirDroid. MobizenVi yourAndroid you to use on Windows, if it is right in front, using the mouse.

Of course, you can also access the andatelefon music, pictures and video, truly wireless.

It includes an interesting feature that allows you to capture the screen of your phone remotely. It is appropriate to make video tutorials or record while playing, but telefonotTreba get enough strength for quality video.

Somewhat easy to use

Mobizen more complex than AirDroid, but not much.
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
First you need to create an account, thenchoose a PIN number to increase security.

Now sometimes we ask you to install an additional support package, without tambahanobjasnetoshto it and why, or refused to connect for no apparent reason.

In any case, the remote access function well without much delay. You really can use your phone from Windows, and also talk without much difficulty.

Mobizentetingkap interface that looks like a phone. You can move any, but unfortunately, you can not change the size.

Android and Windows, closer

Thanks to Mobizen, the line between phones and Windows you will become a little thinner. He did not have additional features such as AirDroid for the moment, but from segimenyaring control works much better.


Mobizen 2.12

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