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Netscape Navigator 9 Clean torrent

This is the end of the road for being the best browser in the world. AOL decided to finish Netscape support in the version very similar to Netscape and Firefox in its capabilities and features, all in a clear interface of the turquoise interface. With tabs to RSS feeds, sidebar and prepare estimates, Netscape asFirefox You can also control the search engine from above and add all types of Mozilla extensions.

On the side of the feature, you can also count on using speed and memory like Firefox. Netscape also has a number of security features, such as secret password and SSL and TLS encryption.

Two factorsWhat Netscape offers that you can not get in Firefox, though there is a link pad and a mini browser. Both appear on the board left to the left. I’m like a loose link that lets you do not entertain while leaving nothing on the scoreboard. I found that it was very useful for things that I did not find a trace,But still I takaKuhifadhi somewhere.

The mini browser, on the other hand, seems a bit inappropriate. Basically, it shows the site in plain text if there are some pages you just want to view quickly. However, I feel that it will be a bit chaotic, especially when you can open somePages in tabs instead.

Completed Netscape Support, in essence, means that this version will change that part of the museum. The browser even includes links to Firefox and Flock. Priests through curiosity.


These reforms included the security of Mozilla Firefox included in the Netscape Navigator Publisher integratedIn this version to help users navigate to Flock or Firefox

WeretheWeatherBug has been removed from this version of Navigator.

Netscape Navigator 9

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