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Stronghold Crusader II Clean torrent

Crusader II is a continuation of the excellent strategy game from 2002 Crusader Cross Father adds a very attractive element of tactical mechanics similar to that of Age of Empires is the one who should build their own castle. Put yourself before the war, managing the economy and fulfill their enemies with arrows from a catapult!

The game with lots of strategy and game

krzyżowiecII Cross Father II back to the mainprinciples of its predecessor, is a perfect combination of strategy and tactics prey will dazzle visitors. In another spelmodusse (campaign, skirmish, multiplayer) will bring you the missions assigned to you or to protect the king and try to beat at any time the enemy of the state. Multi-player mode on all the little things that entertain you, mainly thanks to the excellent co-op mode online, providing a friend can dołączyćkontrolowaćBoth armies.

WeermagDie nature of the Crusader Grocery is very nice, offers offers a comprehensive opposed by ngmaraming units available, the traditional system of real-time strategy (which archers confrontation pikemen, confronting the same time the cavalry). Tactical aspect is so exciting because of the available design options. You have a lot of freedom to develop your land and aesthetically inclined iposzerzyćcan lose yourself for all the details on bring.Eer the royal castle.

Interface could be improved in many ways

The second phase of Stronghold Crusader standdahil its content and playability, but unfortunately the interface works. From the beginning, it was his weak players blinded by the small menu as piankąże is in contrast to the experienced render graphics title. What’s worse about the menu is that the interfacespelbestuurs seemed to rise rapidly and quickly created using the mouse, without the need to include it in the mechanisms that are the basis of the shape of strategic game today.

Orders can be given to their units limitadoat not include any text bubbles, which explains how to use the available options. This is not the możliweZamówienia not spend in the series, and it is not easy to select units. It is terribleFor games, which began in 2014, four years after Starcraft II sets standards that need to be able to live a modern game strategy in terms of interfaces.

On the technical aspect make the second installment of the Stronghold Crusader degree. Even though the graphics engine is slightly less impressive, enjoy the game with the eyes wynikuopieka for more details. The units are really well made animation, and the screen isFull of small elements that will give meaningful life and realization of the whole game. There will be resources in real time from magazines and dieGevegte is amazing to watch. The only thing missing is the animation of the construction of buildings, details, which does not detract from the pleasure of playing the Crusader II fortress.

NajnowszeMedieval real time strategy

Like previous games stronghold, make no mistake aboutthis: you want without worrying about new episodes.
The content and gameplay is hands-down the best, and you can also excellent multiplayer mode genietAs long and well-planned campaign. This does not mean that the game without flaws, particularly its interface painful, even fourth, what can you expect from a modern-time strategy rzeczywistegogra. The unfortunate fact that some of them can threaten, butis not so serious nasirain the pleasure brought by building your own castle while the constant attacks began fortified enemy.


Stronghold Crusader II

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