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The Big Sick 2017 Clean torrent

Based on the true Kumaiil contemplation and Emili B. Gordon at Nandzhan, Pakistani comedian ill Kumaila’s great story was born after a number of student-students Emily speaks of his connections. But what they thought was the boom in the night that litzatekeespero Kumaiila traditional MuslimLife is tough for your parents.

The couple considered their cultural differences as they grew in their relationships. Kumail (Kuma Nandzhani) mediates with the new comedy, meets Emili (Zoi Kazan). Meanwhile, with no sudden illness, Emili forced the doctors to infections. Kumail to moveA necklace, a tragic illness, and their families to convince couples, thinking, and find out who he really is and what he believes they really want to leave.

MimicThere CitiJangsan istotaVidomii as Tigar is – South Korea mountains, a legend of mysterious creatures that imitate a human voice. Give it to mePeople in their being using a human voice. One of the unfortunate Korean family. When a victim of John Hay, who suffers from a depression of a biurtzenBere child, and her husband, after the disappearance of his care, the child does not lose his voice by imitating him. Dzhanhsana writes as a tiger.

Language: Korean


Wallpaper Release Date: August 31, 2017,

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Time: None

Distributor: GSC Movies

Cast: IumInh-A Park Hevko-Kwon, Shin A-Rin

Director: Hju Mladi

Format: 2D

The Big Sick 2017

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