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WWE 2K15 finally appeared on PC, console went from last October. The computer version adds a full DLC to the game in one package, which makes it extremely valuable. But the delay between the damaged versions of this call port?

Main event

FenoveWWE probablyNow when you know about the history of this game. I hope 2K Sports is now on board, the franchise will be welcome to renovate. Completely novyyAnimatsiya, voice and nature models wereThe subject of the wish list restored.

Unfortunately, this is what I’m WWE fans. Instead of 2K SportsNabyte Concepts visual (developers of their NBA titles) to give a shine and a facelift in December but existing shortcomings lacking. The result is that the game looks great until you start playing. Now I do not think bad nacheeWWE 2K15 as WWE 2K14, ventilate more problem.

However, this new proposal adds some new gameplay that can indicate the direction of the future review maytake. This includes a bunker mechanic (usually seen only at the beginning of the battle) koytoVie’re within Paper, stone, scissors type mini-games. Then by gentle interaction with the right stick to find a sweet spot faster than the opponent, creates a beautiful tension. It looks good when you go to the audience, but so enthusiastic hravetsVypobeda, you can lose a lot of liquid and back up.

From there, it’s business as usual. Exactly the same strike excavator, fighting mechanic- everything in the game and still need patient time that the fans of the series is known and embroiled.Tova usually works well against some opponents to build pace and control the pace of the game.


However, it did not take long to start bachyt problems. Being in the right place during the movement, he extends his stupid Superzvezda, while in battle more than one opponent too often live on the wrong competitor. Sometimes it’s only a drawback, but ifYou will go to contact, but instead of locking another competitor, it may badeigri, losing trouble.

My complaint is WWE 2K15, similar to what is missing in this version of 2K14 previous version or console.

2K14 showed a single player kick that was passed during ’29 Wrestlemainapodgotovka for WrestleMania XXX 30. This year the system has been replaced by two rows of rivalry series: Degeneration X, and Son, and CM Punks. It works well if you are a fan of any of these characters,But fortunately, if you play alone, then the career mode of the round that you feel cherezRyady League of WWE NXT fully compensated.

Another way that especially not in WWE 2K 15 is the creator of the plot. Although he rarely had a patient with the same piłyrabotatadrugi that would be lost (so long the Community mod will get his hands on it at least).

My last issue of WWE 2K15 is that at the time I was comfortedThe plot in the show has changed significantly. Thus, the characters in the game in comparison izglezhdadyvnymyNepotribniz this position. Take Chesaro, who got a rating of 93 (one of the highest in the game), but now he’s weak on Division with Taysan Kid. One of the advantages is that KM Punk still appears to think that direct fans to take rabavnimanie may be the last one to appear in the WWE registry.

B + player

WWE 2K15s great sin is that it did bad the first time. I suspectThat budutBuly fans happy with the visual effectsiposlednite years and more animation modes. It makes the same game as last year – it just looks better. However, maybe next year, 2K Games will participate in the continuation of the launch path. Some new performance capture mozhedalag way to breathe life visually impressive models of characters we saw in this year.

Or maybe next year we will see that the PC version will be released in time

WWE 2K15

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